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Yellow Sneaker Shows

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Yellow Sneaker Puppet Sing-Along
Recommended for Ages 0-5


A Yellow Sneaker puppet sing-along is a 30-45 minute interactive singalong with guitar and puppets, with a combo of original songs, oldies, and classic kid's songs.  Sing, dance and shake your sillies out!

YSSingAlong2 (1).JPG

"I wasn’t sure who was laughing harder during the production- my child or me!  The Yellow Sneaker show was clever, funny and educational.  The performers have incredible talent and did a great job adapting the show to each audience.  I thoroughly enjoyed!"

"Kids are enthralled by the puppets the Yellow Sneaker crew brings to life.  They move in time to the music and their faces light up as each new character takes the stage.  Parents also appreciate the intelligence and silliness of the scripts."


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