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Lunchtime Crunch Time!

Joey the kangaroo wants to pack a healthy lunch and he needs your help! Sing along with the Healthy Snack Band, build the sandwich of your dreams and decide which healthy foods will give you the most energy for your day. Anyone can be a Snacktivist!

Video Journalist: Samantha Butler

The Snacktivist Checklist

Snacktivist: Someone who thinks about their food and its impact, from seed to sale.

Joey considers the Snacktivist Checklist as he buys his groceries, followed close behind by an inspiring demon vegetable.

Happy New Year 

From Yellow Sneaker


Healthy Snack Band

Rainbows on Ice Cream

My Two Ponytails 

One of our audience generated songs!  We ask the audience to tell us the title of our next song and then we write it. This song title was suggested by Annalivia!

Email us to order the CD!

$12 (includes shipping)

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