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Yellow Sneaker Puppets harnesses the magic of storytelling, puppetry, music, and everyday objects to facilitate meaningful and engaging creative Jewish experiences for people of all ages. Built on the idea that self-expression and collaboration are a crucial part of the Jewish study experience, Yellow Sneaker has created unique shows and workshops to facilitate experiences people of any age to engage in meaningful and creative learning.



Tabletop Torah

For Families, Students 3rd-12th grade, Educators


While the cast of a Tabletop Torah object theatre show can fit in a suitcase, within minutes they will fill a room with discovery, discussion and excitement about the Torah portion.  Cast members of the story of the exodus might include a sponge, a glass of water and a bottle of dish soap. With objects stepping in to play the parts of the characters in the story, students and families are charged with the task of discovering why that object has been chosen to play the part.  As they consider what Moses could possibly have to do with a sponge, participants can access the idea that the Torah is theirs to interpret. Tabletop Torah ​engages students in developing interpretations and connections when exploring Torah stories and encourages mutual learning.

Check out Tableop Torah on Jewniverse!​




Student Workshops and Family Workshops 

This workshop includes a Tabletop Torah demo, a puppetry lesson, and an activity for participants to practice creating and performing their own Tabletop Torah presentations. One option is to have the Tabletop Torah performance during your Torah reading service, with the workshop following the service.


Tabletop Torah Residency 

A multiple day residency in which students, educators or families can learn the tools to develop Tabletop Torah, concluding in the creation and presentation of a Tabletop Torah show.   This could be a wonderful option for upcoming bar/bat mitzvah students, educators or any class working on a special unit.


​Educator Workshop 

A workshop for educators to learn how to create their own Tabletop Torah presentations to teach Torah stories. This workshop will also be an opportunity for educators to learn strategies for incorporating arts activities into their lessons.


Contact us to discuss the best workshop option for your program!



Yellow Sneaker's puppet sing-alongs are 45 minute interactive sing-alongs with guitar and puppets, with original songs, oldies and traditional kids music. For holidays or other Jewish events, we can incorporate Jewish music and content to fit the program goals.


Come sing along with us at the Museum of Jewish Heritage for New Families New Traditions or book us for your own event!

Under the Table

Under the Tableis a cozy gathering with puppets and music for families with young children. With a focus on the sensory and experiential aspects of Jewish tradition, we meet "under the table," a fun place to explore, learn, play and sing together.


In collaboration with the host synagogue or other institution, this program can support the goals of the institution to create a new space for families with young children to participate in high quality Jewish programming.


Under the Table includes take-home elements for continued family exploration of Jewish ritual and tradition at home. Each family is encouraged to use this program as a jumping off point to create their own Jewish experiences, creating a sensory and experiential Judaism in their own homes.


Past partners include The New Shul and Park Avenue Synagogue


UNDER THE TABLE was developed in collaboration with Avoda Arts and is a project of J-LINC, an initiative of The Jewish Education Project with generous funding from The Covenant Foundation.



​"Mah BaSak?​​​​​​​​​​" is a video series created by Ora Fruchter and Toby Singer that supports educators and families in making the learning experience fun and relatable through video, featuring original songs and puppets.

See more videos on YouTube on the Creatures Teach channel

Al Regel Achat ("On One Foot")

Featuring Hillel's famous idea that the whole Torah "on one foot" is "Don't treat another person in a way that would bum you out."

Sheleg (Snow)

It's snowing out and Joey can't wait to do usual snowy day things, like drinking hot cocoa, drawing and dancing in slow motion.

Lashon Hara (Gossip - literally: "evil tongue")

Lashon Hara is on the run, pursued by Joey and Dingo, as the Mah BaSak? band plays a tune.​

Let Me Count the Ways

Counting 1-10 in Hebrew

This farmers market has fruits, vegetables and lots of hebrew numbers! Learn to count to ten in Hebrew, there are so many things to be happy about.

Special guest phrase: Ani Ko'es "I am angry"

Sufganiyot (Jelly donuts for Chanukah)

A Lower East Side adventure.  It was the sufganiya that almost got away.

Charif (Spicy)

A lion in a diner can only mean trouble.


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