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The first Yellow Sneaker album is available now for pre-sale!  The CD will officially be released on November 4th.  Pre-orders will be delivered to you on or before November 4th.
(shipping included in price)

Yellow Sneaker CD

    1.Yellow Sneaker Theme Song
    2.Hopping Along
    3.Healthy Snack Band
    4.Rainbows on Ice Cream
    5.Baby Rutabagas in the Playground
    6.Falling for the Fall

    Ora Fruchter: vocals
    Yoshie Fruchter: guitar, bass, mandolin, vocals
    Avi Fox-Rosen: banjo
    Ari Folman-Cohen: upright bass (3,6)
    Michael Winograd: keyboard
    Chris Berry: drums and percussion

    Engineered by Avi Fox-Rosen at Studio Q Brooklyn
    Produced by Yoshie Fruchter and Avi Fox-Rosen
    Mixed and Mastered by Jason LaFarge at Seizures Palace
    Songs by Yoshie Fruchter and Ora Fruchter
    Yellow Sneaker Theme Song by Toby Singer and Ora Fruchter
    Healthy Snack Band by Yoshie Fruchter, Ora Fruchter and Leah Koenig
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